‘Zimbabwe government is clueless on COVID-19 response’, Ex minister

Professor Jonathan Moyo
Zimbabwean independent parliamentary candidate and former information minister Jonathan Moyo attends on April 23, 2008 a forum on the Zimbabwean crisis at the Mail & Guardian critical thinking forum at the Atlas studio in Johannesburg. AFP PHOTO / GIANLUIGI GUERCIA (Photo credit should read GIANLUIGI GUERCIA/AFP/Getty Images)

Zimbabwe began a 21 days lockdown on Monday

Zimbabwe began it’s three-week lockdown as imposed by the government to contain the spread of COVID-19 that has for far claimed the life of a 30-year old male broadcaster Zororo Makamba.

In light of that, the exiled Zimbabwean former minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development, Professor Jonathan Moyo has criticized strongly the government citing that it remains clueless on COVID-19 response.

“The countdown to the lockdown is over, but the government remains clueless about how to fight the coronavirus,” he said.

Professor Moyo added that the Zimbabwean government is in denial and ignorant about how the virus is spreading.

“Sadly, but not surprising, the government is treating the lockdown as a law and order operation. yet it should be a medical lockdown defined and visible by medical intervention to stem the spread of the virus backed by measures to safeguard livelihoods and protect the economy,” he said.

The former minister also noted that the country shows lack of social distancing strategy and termed it ‘criminal’ that as of 29 march, there were only 194 COVID-19 tests done. He believes that alone is enough evidence to show that the country’s law and order on lockdown is about keeping up appearances.

Under Statutory Instrument (SI) 77 of 2020 in Zimbabwe, those who are found in crowds of more than 50 people will be arrested and jailed for up to a year.

Professor Moyo was expelled from ZANU PF, Zimbabwe’s ruling party on 19 November 2017 by the party’s central committee. He fled the country after his removal and he’s currently in exile.