Zimbabwe records it’s first COVID-19 death

Zororo Makamba, the first person to die of coronavirus in zimbabwe.

Zororo Makamba, the son of James Makamba the Telecel tycoon passed away

Zimbabwe records its first COVID-19 death, the Ministry of Health in Zimbabwe has reviewed.

”The deceased is Zororo Makamba, who was the second person to test positive for coronavirus in the country. He was isolated at Wilkins hospital in Harare,” the ministry of Health noted.

Makamba was diagnosed upon his return from New York, his immune system was weakening. The condition is called Myasthenia Gravis which is caused by a breakdown in communication between nerves and muscles.

The deceased was a 30-year old broadcaster and he was the son of James Makamba the Telecel tycoon.

There are currently two confirmed cases of coronavirus in Zimbabwe.