‘DStv Must Fall’ gains momentum, SAns tired of ‘high prices’

DStv Must Fall

Hashtag #DStvMustFall leads the trends on social media as South Africans call for the broadcasting company to reduce its prices in South Africa.

Reports indicate that DStv Nigeria will give DStv and GOtv customers massive discounts – of up to 44 per cent and 74 per cent respectively – in a bid to ease the impact of the ongoing socio-economic crisis in the country.

Meanwhile, in South Africa, DStv prices have taken a slight increase. Social media users complains that same shows are being repeated meanwhile the prices increase.

A petition has also been started to call for the DSTV to give South Africans subscribers a payment break or decrease prices during Covid-19. Over 6K signatures have signed the online petition since it was started earlier today.

DStv is yet to comment on the matter.