FF Plus going to court to end lockdown

Freedom Front Plus (FFP) leader Pieter Groenewald
Freedom Front Plus (FFP) leader Pieter Groenewald speaks to journalists at the National Results Operation Center (ROC) in Pretoria on Saturday 11 May 2019. Photo: Leila Dougan

The Freedom Front Plus announced on Thursday that they will be going to court to challenge lockdown to be ended.

“The FF Plus will approach the High Court with an urgent application to challenge the validity of the National Disaster Management Act and to request the Court to find that the government is abusing the Act, which will mean that the announced state of disaster and the associated regulations are unconstitutional,” the FF Plus said in a statement.

The party says the balance of public interest between curbing the spread of the virus and unlocking the economy to prevent the loss of livelihoods and subsequently lives should come into play. “At present, it is not taken into account with the draconian regulations imposed on the country,” they noted.

“The lockdown and the associated regulations have already served their purpose to flatten the curve of the infection rate to allow health care services enough time to prepare for a possible large outbreak of Covid-19.” the party added.

The party says the lockdown cannot be extended in an attempt to prevent the spread of the virus from reaching its peak in certain areas.

“It is bound to happen and with the winter months at our door, unlocking the country cannot be postponed any further,

“The FF Plus recognises that the virus poses a real threat to many human lives, but if a country’s economy comes to a complete standstill, it will without a doubt also result in great loss of lives, severe poverty and suffering,”

The party says it will request the Court to rule that all business enterprises will be allowed to become fully operational and trade on condition that they have the relevant health and safety measures in place to curb the spread of the virus.

FF Plus joins the Democratic Alliance (DA) who also announced this week that they will be challenging the government in court to end lockdown.

DA interim leader John Steenhuisen says we are no longer dealing with a Covid19 crisis. “We are dealing with a lockdown crisis. An ANC lockdown crisis, to be precise,” he said.

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