PLO Lumumba calls on Africans to unite: EFF Online Lecture

PLO Lumumba
Professor PLO Lumumba

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) invited the renowned Kenyan professor Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba in their online lecture series about Pan Africanism.

PLO Lumumba emphasized the need for Africa to unite especially in the midst of a pandemic such as COVID-19. EFF was under fire lately with South Africans saying they put Africa before their country. The lecture will have eased the many people on the ground who felt the same way.

In addressing the recent racist actions by China of saying Africans brought COVID-19 to Wuhan, Lumumba says Chinese did not exclude any black person in the regard. They included all black people from different nations based on color.

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Lumumba says the youth should be at the forefront and lead the continent. “The time is now, for you young people to take on the baton, to continue the fight of creating one Africa,” the professor said.

“When we talk about Pan-Africanism, we are talk of the mental, moral and consciousness which recognises our Africaness and then need for Africans to work together with the purpose of realising what is in the best interest of the African peoples,” he added.

The EFF as stipulated in their manifesto has been at the forefront in advocating for ‘One Africa’ and the abolishment of borders.

Party leader Julius Malema expressed gratitude to Lumumba for his ‘ inspiring and timely lecture on Pan Africanism’.

“Africa let’s heed to the urgent generational call to Unite Africa. This is our only salvation,” Malema said.

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