Ricky Rick weighs in on Cassper and AKA beef

Cotton Fest Listening Session at Johannesburg, January 31, 2019. Image: Hype Magazine

Local rapper Ricky Rick says the beef between AKA and Cassper Nyovest is killing the hip hop culture.

The pair has been beefing for many years and always take jabs at each other on social Twitter.

Taking to Twitter, Rick explained that their ongoing twars are “draining the life out of the (hip hop) culture.

The Boss Zonke hitmaker added that he is not taking sides and would like to see everyone win and create their legacies.

Latest beef incident

The latest twar between the two rivals started when AKA disses Sizwe for wearing bootleg jeans and later wrote “Abuthi Bootleg and Abuthi Fill Up sitting in a tree kissing.

Casssper decided to clapback and told him that it’s 3 am and he is thinking of other men. He gave him a little promo for his music, as he claims when every time AKA releases new music he always wants to trend and even went as calling him a ‘little man’.

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